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Are you in the market for a hot tub?

When shopping for a new hot tub they may all start to look alike.

In a very general way all hot tubs are made up of the same thing: an acrylic shell, a synthetic wood cabinet, plumbing, pumps and a control panel. 

A couple things you may want to consider when purchasing a hot tub:


How long has the dealer and the manufacturer been in business?


Does the dealer provide the service directly or is it provided by a third party vendor?

How long is the warranty?  May I have a copy of the warranty to read over for myself?

Are the parts used to make up the hot tub manufactured in this country or will replacement parts need to be ordered from overseas? 

Is the hot tub delivered to the back yard or to the curb?

And of course most important of all how does that tub make you feel?

Is it possible to take a test soak in the tub? 

At the very least sit in it dry and see how it makes you feel.