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Bundle Up: A guide to cold winter care for your hot tub

Bundle Up: A guide to cold winter care for your hot tub

When the cold weather starts picking up, hot tub enthusiasts face the challenge of maintaining and preserving their private oasis during this season. We dive into a few key tips for cold winter care for your hot tub, focusing on water chemistry, cover and skirt maintenance, and the benefits of high-quality, long-lasting accessories like spa umbrellas and the Covana hot tub cover.

Water Chemistry Tips: A Balancing Act for Cold Winter Care

Chilly temperatures can impact the water chemistry of your hot tub, making it important to monitor and adjust the chemical balance on a regular basis. During the winter, test the water at least twice a week to ensure proper pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. Cold weather may also require adjustments to the sanitizer dosage, so be sure to check in and maintain a clean and safe environment in your tub.

If you don’t use your hot tub during the cold winter months and don’t want to leave it circulating and heating, you can drain the hot tub and leave it empty. Make sure that the power is turned off at the breaker and the quick disconnect is removed. You would not want the timer to come on and the power to switch on and run the pumps dry. It’s also very important that a shop vac is used to suction any water in the lines out and ensure you remove plugs from pumps to drain the water out from the very lowest spot in the tub. The goal is to avoid any water from freezing in the plumbing of the tub. Frozen water ends up with broken plumbing, which no one wants!

Cover and Skirt Maintenance: Protect from the Chill

Your hot tub cover is the first line of defense against the winter chill. Make sure that it’s in good shape, free of any cracks or tears that could allow damage. Clean the cover often, removing any debris or snow accumulation that could weigh on it. A well-maintained cover not only keeps the water warm, but it also protects the internal elements of your hot tub from the harsh winter weather.

Inspect the hot tub skirt – the paneling that surrounds the bottom of the tub – for any signs of wear or damage. Repair or replace any damaged sections as soon as you can to prevent heat loss and maintain the overall efficiency and quality of your hot tub.

Spa Umbrellas & Covana Hot Tub Covers: Add Extra Layers of Protection

You may consider adding a spa umbrella or investing in a Covana hot tub cover for extra protection against the winter weather. A spa umbrella shields your hot tub from any snow and precipitation, helping to maintain the water temperature and reduce strain on the hot tub cover. Covana hot tub covers are an innovative, high-quality solution that provides insulation and also serves as a fully automated cover and gazebo. These covers offer convenience and protection all in one. If you’re in the market for a Covana cover, take a look at our selection and reach out if we can help answer any questions or inquiries! 

Ozone and UV Systems: Winter-Ready Tech

Ozone and UV systems play a huge role in water clarity and cleanliness maintenance for your hot tub. During the winter season, it’s essential to ensure these systems are functioning correctly. Regularly check the ozone generator and UV-C lamp, cleaning or replacing them as needed to maintain efficiency. These systems help reduce the reliance on chemicals, making them environmentally friendly and efficient even in the cold season!

Finally: Prepare for Winter Relaxation!

Cold weather poses some challenges for hot tubs and swim spas, demanding a little extra care to ensure they stay in great condition for years to come. Taking proactive measures to care for your hot tub in the winter ensures a cozy and enjoyable experience even throughout the colder months. A little effort goes a long way in preserving your hot tub’s performance! For all your winter hot tub needs, visit Classic Pool Spa and Hearth online or in-store in Clackamas or Beaverton. Prepare your hot tub for the cold season and embrace the warmth and relaxation it brings, all year long.