8 Unbeatable Deals at Our Fireplace Floor Model Sale

Welcome to the ultimate guide to snagging unbeatable deals on fireplace floor models! As the seasons change and the chill creeps in, nothing beats the warmth and ambiance of a cozy fireplace. But why opt for a floor model, and what bargains await you? Let’s ignite our discussion with some hot tips and sizzling discounts.

Why Opt for a Floor Model?

Floor models are the secret gems of the fireplace world. They’re the displays that have charmed and warmed showroom visitors, now available at a fraction of the cost. With these models, you’re practically guaranteed a robust fireplace that combines quality with affordability.

What will you find in the Fireplace Floor Model Sale

Whether you pine for the crackle of wood or the flip-switch convenience of modern tech, there’s a floor model sale for every taste. Let’s explore the options!

Enviro E20 Gas Insert

Enviro Gas Fireplace Insert

Floor Model Sale – $2,114.25

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

Experience the ultimate in home heating with the Enviro Gas Fireplace Insert. This floor model, currently on sale, transforms your living space into a cozy haven. Crafted for efficiency and designed for your comfort, it radiates warmth that permeates every corner of the room. Its sleek design complements any home decor, making it not just a source of heat but also a focal point of beauty and elegance. Embrace the comforting embrace of steady, controlled heat even on the coldest days and create memories around the glowing hearth.

Unparalleled Warmth & Comfort

IronStrike Striker Wood Stove Arch Black

Striker Wood Stove

Floor Model Sale – $1,761.75

Beaverton Store Fireplace Store

Embrace Cozy Living with Premium Wood-Burning Stoves from Country Stoves Collection. In the heart of every home, there lies a silent promise of a warm embrace, a cozy nook where memories simmer along with the embers of a gentle fire. The Country Stoves Collection redefines this promise, offering an ensemble of wood-burning stoves that are not merely appliances but bastions of heat, woven into the fabric of your domestic life.

The Epitome of Clean-Burning Efficiency

The desire for a warm home is as old as time, yet the means to achieve this has evolved significantly. Country Stoves Collection stands at the forefront of this evolution. Our wood-burning stoves are marvels of efficiency, designed to maximize the comforting warmth while minimizing emissions. The result is a heat source that respects the environment and your health, without compromising on the warmth that it brings to your space.

Craftsmanship That Lasts a Lifetime

When it comes to enduring warmth, the quality of your stove is paramount. Country Stoves Collection prides itself on using premium-grade materials in every unit. Each stove is a masterpiece of quality craftsmanship, constructed with meticulous attention to detail. We ensure that the technology embedded within each stove is sophisticated yet user-friendly, promising not just a product but a lifetime companion in your home.

Enviro Freestanding Gas Stove

Enviro Freestanding Gas Stove

Floor Model Sale – $3,464.25

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

Innovative heating technology from Enviro demonstrates efficiency meets eco-friendly design. Say goodbye to the chill of cold days with the Enviro S20’s cutting-edge heating technology. Engineered for performance, it offers efficient fuel consumption and a reduced carbon footprint, setting the benchmark for eco-conscious heating. This stove doesn’t just warm your space; it does so responsibly, ensuring you play a part in protecting the environment. High efficiency means lower bills and more consistent heat, making the Enviro S20 an intelligent choice for the eco-savvy consumer.

The Meridian Pellet Freestanding Stove

The Meridian Pellet Freestanding Stove

Floor Model Sale – $4,349.25

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

In today’s eco-conscious world, the Meridian Pellet Stove stands out as a beacon of sustainability. Crafted to deliver warmth without the carbon footprint of traditional heating, this stove utilizes biomass pellets, a renewable energy source that burns cleaner than fossil fuels. Reduce your environmental impact and bask in the satisfaction of making a choice that benefits both your home and the planet.

Sleek Design Meets High Efficiency

Don’t just warm your space; do it with style. The sleek, modern design of the Meridian Pellet Stove is engineered to blend seamlessly with any decor. With its high-efficiency heating capability, it circulates comforting warmth efficiently throughout your living space, ensuring that no corner is left untouched by its gentle heat. Embrace the perfect synergy of aesthetics and performance with this state-of-the-art stove.

IronStrike Performer S210 Wood Stove

IronStrike Performer S210 Wood Stove

Floor Model Sale – $2,399.25

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

Experience the epitome of cozy ambiance with the IronStrike Performer S210 Wood Stove. This standout model from the esteemed Country Stoves Collection is designed not only to elevate the comfort of your living space but to do it with an efficiency that is unmatched. Its clean-burning technology ensures that the warmth you bask in is as pure as it is comforting, turning your home into a haven of relaxation.

The S40 Gas Freestanding Stove

The Enviro S40 Gas Freestanding Stove

Floor Model Sale – $3,839.00

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

Elevate your comfort with precision heating. Experience the pinnacle of climate control with the Enviro S40 Gas Freestanding Stove. Revel in the ambiance and warmth without the hassle of traditional wood stoves. This state-of-the-art heating solution offers precise temperature management to create a cozy haven on the chilliest of days. Its superior heating capabilities ensure that every corner of your room is gently caressed by waves of soothing warmth, making it an indispensable addition to your home.

IronStrike Striker C160 Wood Burining Fireplace Insert

Striker Wood Burining Fireplace Insert

Floor Model Sale

Clackamas Store Fireplace Store

Your hearth is the centerpiece of your home, and with the Country Stoves Collection, you have the power to make it truly yours. Each wood-burning insert is customizable, offering an array of options to fit your décor and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a specific finish, door style, or accessory, we have the selections to complement your home’s character. With these inserts, you’re not just installing a source of heat; you’re crafting an ambiance that resonates with your personal style.

Year End Sale - Fireplace Floor Model Sale

Why Consider a Fireplace Floor Model?

When you think of the quintessential gathering place in the home, a fireplace often stands at the heart of it. Floor models, in particular, offer a unique blend of value and craftsmanship. They are the showroom pieces that have wooed customers with their beauty and functionality, and now, they can find a new home with you. These models are often the pinnacle of design and feature the latest trends in home heating.

Why Now Is the Prime Time for Your Fireplace Purchase?

Timing is everything in life, and when it comes to purchasing a fireplace, that old adage couldn’t ring more true. As the year wanes, retailers are looking to introduce new models, making it the perfect moment to seize upon the deals that the Fireplace Floor Model Sale offers. With each piece having served its purpose as a showcase item, retailers are keen to offer them at a fraction of the cost.

Fireplace Sale at Classic Pool Spa and Hearth

The Charm of Immediate Gratification

In a world where waiting has become the norm, the immediate satisfaction of taking home a floor model is another plus. There’s no waiting period, no delay for manufacturing or shipping—just the instant gratification of installation and enjoyment.

From Classic to Contemporary: A Style for Every Home

Fireplaces come in a myriad of styles, and this sale features an assortment of designs to fit any decor. Whether your home exudes a classic charm or strikes a modern tone, there’s a model to complement your style.

The Efficiency of Modern Fireplaces

Today’s fireplaces are not just about aesthetics; they are marvels of efficiency. With improved BTU (British Thermal Units) ratings and eco-friendly options, these models offer warmth without the wastefulness.

Sizing Up Your Space: What Fits Best?

The practicalities of size and space cannot be overlooked. Contact us for dimensions.  Our team of professional hearth experts is here to ensure that you find the best value and fit for your home.

Material Matters: Selecting the Right Build

The materials used in your fireplace not only dictate its durability but also contribute to its overall look and feel. We’ll guide you through choosing the best materials that marry durability with design.

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