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Fresh HOT WATER Start-up Procedure for Chlorine or Bromine

When beginning with fresh water the following is recommended:

Add Stain and Scale per manufacturers directions. This will keep any metals, including iron, copper and magnesium from adhering to any of the equipment in the tub. Remember all water has some level of metals.

Use a non-chlorine shock with Bromine to bring up the level of the Bromine.  Bromine is a stabilized substance and needs a boost to kick in.
No shock is necessary with chlorine.

Check the water and based on the readings add the chemicals to balance chlorine or bromine, alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness. We do free water testing if you have any questions or just do not want to test yourself and remember to ask for a free water sample bottle.

Range If over range, add If under range, add
Chlorine 1.0-2.0 PPM Tap water Chlorine
Bromine 3.0-5.0 PPM Tap water Bromine, non-chlorine shock
pH 7.4-7.6 PH decreaser Alkalinity Increaser
Alkalinity 80-120 PPM PH decreaser PH Increaser
Calcium 200-400 Stain & Scale Control Calcium Hardness Increaser

Add chemicals in increments of 3 oz. with 30 minutes between each application.
Add directly to water with jets on high and air open.
Keep the cover off hot tub while adding chemicals.
Chemicals can be added to cold or warm water.

Chlorine or bromine, alkalinity and pH should be checked twice weekly.

Remember this is a good time to clean or replace your filter(s).
Soak in a filter cleaner over night, rinse well and let dry out before putting the filters back in the hot tub.
Filters last about 2 years if they are well taken care of.