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Instructions For Removing Visible Algae At Start Up

A three-day procedure may be necessary for removing algae from the swimming pool.

  1. Before treating, be sure there is no metal content in the water, because the treatment may cause metals to stain the pool.  You can do this by bringing a pint of water into our store for a free analysis.
  2. Shock the pool with Super Chlorinator (1lb. Per 10,000 gallons) and an algaecide treatment (see label for manufacturers instructions).  Add during the evening hours for best results.  Pump and filter should be running, filter should be on by-pass mode.
  3. Immediately after adding chemicals brush pool walls and floor.  Brush, brush, brush.
  4. A settling (flocculant) agent can then be used to help remove the dead algae.  Algae must be dead, no more green before adding the settling agent.  Add settling agent, circulate pump for 4 hours, shut pump off over night.
  5. Be sure to add additional water to the pool so the pump does not run dry.
  6. With the filter in the waste position vacuum the dead algae out of the pool and onto the ground.
  7. Clean filter, brushes, all equipment, accessories, swim suits, etc., to prevent algae from reoccurring.
  8. Make sure to add regular chlorine immediately and keep level at 1.0 – 3.0 ppm to keep algae from returning.  A monthly/weekly algaecide treatment is advisable throughout the season.

If you have any questions please call Aloha at 503-642-4795 or Gladstone at 503-656-0021.