Swimming pool safety covers

A safety cover is the best protection available to prevent children and pets from getting into your pool.

Safety covers come in three main types:

Solid, Mesh, and Automatic.
A solid safety cover keeps debris, water, and light out of the pool.
A mesh safety cover keeps out debris, but allows water and some light to pass through.
Those types are installed and removed manually, usually in the Fall and Spring.
An automatic safety cover is permanently installed on a track system and is opened and closed using a key switch or touch pad.

automatic swimming pool safety cover
Coverstar automatic swimming pool safety covers
Coverstar Auto Covers
  • Peace of Mind
  • Your Pool Stays Cleaner
  • Strong, Durable and Attractive
automatic swimming pool safety cover
Cantilever Coverstar automatic safety pool cover
automatic swimming pool safety cover

CoverLogix Safety Covers

Coverlogix safety covers
Coverlogix safety cover on brick pavers
coverlogix swimming pool safety covers

CoverLogix Safety Covers

CoverLogix® Advanced Safety Cover Systems have been protecting families and pool investments for over 20 years. Manufactured in Oregon City, CoverLogix products are made of the highest quality materials, produced by the highest quality people. Expert craftsmen will custom manufacture a safety cover to your strict specifications regardless of the complexity.

Coverlogix safety cover installation
Coverlogix mesh safety cover

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