With over 40 years of experience, we are here to share our Pool, Hot Tub & Hearth advice.

Pool Opening Instructions For All Types Of Pools

  1. If you use a solid pool cover, first drain off any standing water so that it doesn’t spill back into the pool.  Carefully remove the cover, sweep it and lay it out to dry.  Hose the cover down and clean with TSP or a cover cleaner.  Once it is thoroughly dry fold and store the cover in a clean, dry place out of sunlight.  Inspect the entire pool carefully for damage that may have taken place during the off-season.  Especially leaks or tears in the vinyl liner, or breaks and cracks in the plaster or tiles.  If needed, clean the waterline with a surface cleaner that is appropriate to your pool surface type.  If there are stains consult Classic Pool and Spa for possible remedies.  After inspection and any surface cleaning that needs to be done, add water untill the level reaches about halfway up the skimmer opening.  Remove any debris with a leaf net or leaf type vacuum.
  2. Assemble equipment; attach hoses; reinstall plugs in pumps, filters and heaters.  Replace lid on hair and lint pot.  Close bleeder valve on heater.  Return eyeball fittings, skimmer and skimmer baskets to appropriate place.
  3. Remove any plugs from returns and skimmers.  Fill equipment with water, open valves and start system (not the heater).  Note:  If pool has not been covered and has debris in the bottom use a leaf type vacuum to remove debris.  DO NOT attempt to vacuum debris through filtration system!
  4. Check for leaks in the equipment.  O’rings, gaskets and pump seals may need to be replaced or lubed.
  5. If filter was not cleaned at the end of last season clean using a filter cleaner in order to remove hardened deposits, which can hamper filter performance.  Follow directions for sand or cartridge filters on the bottle.  Brush the pool walls and floor.  If pool water is clear, follow step 6, if not go to step 7.
  6. Vacuum the pool.  Run circulation system for 6-8 hours, and then bring a water sample to Classic Pool and Spa for a FREE computerized water analysis.  Hint:  Make a list of the chemicals you have, including approximate amounts of each.  This will save you a trip!  Follow instructions on the printout.
  7. Before treating for algae be sure there is no metal content in the water, because the treatment may cause metals to stain the pool.  You can do this by bringing a pint of water into our store for a FREE analysis.
  8. Shock the pool with Super Chlorinator (1lb. Per 10,000 gallons) and add an algaecide treatment (see label for manufacturers instructions).  Add during the evening hours for best results.  Pump and filter should be running, filter should be on by -pass mode.
  9. Immediately after adding chemicals brush pool walls and floor.  Brush, brush, brush.
  10. A settling (flocculating) agent can then be used to help remove the dead algae.  Add settling agent, circulate pump for 4 hours, shut pump off over night.
  11. Be sure to add additional water to the pool so the pump does not run dry.
  12. With filter on the waste position vacuum dead algae out onto the ground.
  13. Clean filter, brushes, all equipment, accessories, swim suits, etc., to prevent algae from reoccurring.
  14. Make sure to add regular chlorine immediately and keep level at 1.0 – 3.0 ppm to keep algae from returning.  A monthly/weekly algaecide treatment is advisable throughout the season.
  15. Once you have balanced your water and have established the correct sanitizer level, you are ready to swim!