American Whirlpool 880

As with all great hot tubs the American Whirlpool 880 model offers individualized therapy in every seat. A seating capacity of 7 allows you to move around from deeper to more shallow seats to make sure you hit each of those aching muscles. Or if you would like to just soak in hot water while your loved one has a massage, there is a seat for that.Your American Whirlpool model 880 hot tub can assist with physician-designed Zone Therapy® to lessen the pressures of daily life, heal a sports injury, massage tight muscles, relieve stiff and aching joints from arthritis, or just help you get a good night's sleep.

The acrylic on the hot tub is available in one of six colors:

  • Glacier Mountain
  • Silver Marble
  • Midnight Canyon
  • Storm Clouds
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Smokey Mountain
The skirt is also available in three colors:

    • Resort Gray
    • Modern Mocha
    • Pecan Ridge
  • The high-grade insulating covers from American Whirlpool® have a special copper lining, removable heat sealing pillows to release excess heat in the summer, and a customized fit to retain heat when it's cooler. The hot tub's lid serves as a crucial safety barrier.

    Standard on all American Whirlpool 880 Model Hot Tubs

    The world's first medically engineered jetting systems for the best massage are found in American Whirlpool® hot tubs. The medically designed Zone Therapy® uses precisely positioned jets to target pain zone trigger points, whether it's to reduce daily stress, ease stiff muscles, or simply to help you get a good night's sleep. Finding the right size jet and massaging action where they are most effective is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body.

    A neck massage is one of the most relaxing features of a hot tub. The American Whirlpool® molded Comfort Collar® is a unique cushion that makes a neck massage even better by supporting your neck and head, while the jets massage neck and shoulder muscles. The Comfort Collar is like having your neck massaged by a loved one. This hallmark feature is one of the reasons so many have already chosen an American Whirlpool hot tub for themselves.

    The first steel frame Appliance Grade® hot tubs in the world are manufactured by American Whirlpool®. Compared to wood, the steel frame offers higher structural stability and excellent corrosion protection for a significantly longer lifespan. It never rots, warps, or cracks like wood does. American Whirlpool® is the best hot tub because it is stronger, more environmentally friendly, and more long-lasting. The entire structure and its mechanical components may be fully serviced thanks to the steel frame and Northern Exposure® insulation. In essence, for as long as you own it, the hot tub may be serviced to manufacturer standards in your backyard. Like other home appliances, the hot tub is constructed to the same servicing and safety standards.

    The ultimate hot tub insulation is Northern Exposure®. The free heat energy is recycled using this patent-pending thermal barrier technology, resulting in more effective heating and lower energy expenses. The American Whirlpool 880 model hot tub is lined with copper reflecting material on all four sides, the floor, and the cover to reflect radiant heat energy produced by the pumps back into the spa. The plumbing system absorbs heat, which helps to raise and maintain the water's temperature. Finally, 3M Thinsulate® Insulation, a remarkable substance used in winter outerwear, is applied to the whole exterior of the hot tub. This three-layer, pending patent technology makes sure that the hot tub's energy production stays inside the hot tub.

    Additional optional features are:

    The CleanZone® water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal- clear water while greatly reducing chemical maintenance. CleanZone® is a cartridge oxidizer that generates oxygen and cleans your spa water.

    The CleanZone® Ultra system uses the power of UVC light, the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. CleanZone® Ultra kills 99.9% of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites. This system is the perfect blend of hygiene, purity and technology.

    Therapy Needs

    Arthritis & Fibromyalgia,
    Back Pain,
    Better Sleep,
    Calf Muscles,
    Ease Sore Muscles,
    Feet Pain,
    Improve Range of Motion,
    Neck Pain,
    Shoulder Pain,
    Stress Relief



    Spa Style

    Non Lounger

    Seating Capacity

    6-7 People




    3 Pumps

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