Baquacil Performance Algicide

Baquacil Performance Algicide is a powerful pool water treatment solution designed to prevent and control algae growth in your pool. This specially formulated product is designed to target and eliminate all types of algae, including green, yellow, and black algae.

    The Baquacil Performance Algicide is a non-foaming, non-metallic algicide that eliminates and prevents all types of algae in your pool water. Its advanced formula is specifically designed to work in high-temperature environments and can withstand chlorine levels up to 50 ppm.

      This easy-to-use algicide comes in a convenient liquid form that can be added directly to your pool water. It is gentle on your pool equipment and does not cause any damage to your pool surface or lining. Using Baquacil Performance Algicide is simple and hassle-free. Just add the appropriate amount of algicide to your pool, according to the instructions on the container, and let the product work its magic. The algicide will quickly and efficiently kill existing algae and prevent new algae growth, leaving your pool crystal-clear and algae-free.

        Investing in Baquacil Performance Algicide is an excellent way to ensure that your pool always looks its best. Its strong formula and easy-to-use application make it essential for any pool owner, ensuring that you can enjoy clean, clear water all season long. Say goodbye to pesky algae growth and enjoy a pristine swimming environment!