Calcium Hardness 50lb.

Calcium Hardness (Calcium Chloride) is an essential pool additive that helps maintain proper calcium levels in your pool water. This high-quality product, conveniently packaged in a 50 lb bag, is an absolute must for pool owners looking to achieve optimal water balance and prevent issues caused by low calcium hardness.

    Calcium Hardness is specifically formulated to increase the calcium hardness levels in your pool water. Adequate calcium hardness is crucial for preserving the structural integrity of your pool surfaces, such as plaster or vinyl liners, and preventing damage caused by water that is too soft. With this product, you can ensure that your pool remains in top condition for years to come.

      This product is made from high-grade calcium chloride granules, ensuring maximum solubility and reliable results. It dissolves quickly and evenly, allowing for easy distribution throughout your pool water. Using Calcium Hardness is simple. Follow the dosage instructions based on your pool's specific needs, and add the product directly to the water. Its fast-dissolving granules make it convenient to apply, saving you time and effort during your pool maintenance routine.

        Calcium Hardness also contributes to water balance and overall water quality. It helps prevent corrosion, scaling, and cloudy water, ensuring a clear and inviting swimming environment for you and your family. Maintain the ideal calcium hardness in your pool with Calcium Hardness!