Cell Protect, 32oz

Poolife's Cell Protect, 32oz is a high-quality pool treatment product that is formulated to help protect the cells of your pool's salt chlorine generator. It's designed to prevent scale buildup and corrosion on the cells of your salt chlorine generator, which can help extend the life of your generator and help it continue to function properly.

    Cell Protect is simple to use and can be added directly to your pool. Its fast-acting formula begins working immediately, providing long-lasting protection against scale buildup and corrosion. This product is also compatible with all types of pool filters, making it a top choice for pool owners looking for a versatile, effective salt chlorine generator maintenance solution.

      This is a great choice for pool owners who want to protect their investment in a salt chlorine generator! The powerful formula helps to prevent damage to the cells of your generator, extending the life of the generator and ensuring that it continues to provide effective chlorine sanitation for your pool.