Conversion Kit For 7000b To In-pool Ladder Grey

The Conversion Kit for 7000B to In-pool Ladder Grey is the perfect solution for pool owners who are looking to upgrade their pool's entry system. This kit allows you to easily convert your 7000B ladder into an in-pool ladder, providing a more convenient and safe entry point for swimmers.

    It features two mounting blocks, two adjustable tubes, and hardware. It's sold as a set only and is used to convert model 7000X A Frame Ladder to a Deck Mount Ladder. Constructed from high-quality materials, this conversion kit is built to last, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Its sturdy construction provides maximum stability, ensuring that swimmers can safely enter and exit the pool without any worries.

      Installation is quick and easy, and requires no special tools or equipment. Simply follow the included instructions and your ladder will be converted in no time! Once installed, the in-pool ladder provides a more convenient and safe entry point for swimmers. Its slip-resistant treads provide maximum traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, while its sturdy handrails provide additional support and stability.