Hatana 630L

The Hatana 630L will fit up to 3 adults comfortably with a lounge seat for full comfort. Built with the features that ensure your tub experience is as relaxing as possible. With 30 jets to help you sink into that perfect relaxation zone. Starting with the method used to construct the Hatana 630L, to the handcrafted touches used, Hatana Hot Tubs has your relaxation in mind. We want you to feel secure in your decision to buy the best, most durable hot tub. The placement and selection of every element was made with your utmost comfort and relaxation in mind. Because we respect quality and integrity, we distinguish ourselves from our rivals.

Therapy Needs

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia,
Back Pain,
Better Sleep,
Calf Muscles,
Ease Sore Muscles,
Feet Pain,
Improve Range of Motion,
Shoulder Pain,
Stress Relief



Spa Style


Seating Capacity

2-3 People




1 Pump

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