Latham Caribbean

Owning the Latham Caribbean is like being on a permanent vacation. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. Dive into luxury with a stunning addition to your outdoor oasis.

    Crafted with precision and sophistication, this pool truly embodies elegance and endurance. Its sleek design and robust construction make it a true powerhouse in the world of pools. Dive, swim, and relax in a haven of crystal-clear waters, perfectly suited for your tropical escape.

      This pool offers unbeatable durability, ensuring they stand the test of time. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and materials, these pools are a testament to innovation and reliability.

        Create your own private aquatic haven and level up your outdoor living space with the Latham Caribbean swimming pool, where aesthetics, resilience, and functionality meet.

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Technical Specifications

  • Pool Type

    Fiberglass In Ground

  • Use

    Entertainment, Exercise, Family Time, Relaxation

  • Size

    16′ x 40′, Depth 3′ – 6″ to 6′ – 6″

  • Additional Options

    Automatic Pool Vacuum, Automatic Vacuums, Bubblers, Cascades, Chlorine Alternatives, Energy Savings Options, Heating, Lighting, Spillways, Streams, Tanning Ledge, Tile, Tile & Mosaics, Water Features

  • Pool Brand


  • Budget


  • Pool Shapes

    Modern Freeform