Latham Kingston

The Latham Kingston design reveals a clean and sophisticated style, designed to soothe and restore the mind and body or handle any rouge cannonball. It also boasts unmatched resilience, built to withstand the test of time, it promises a lifetime of enjoyment without the worry of deterioration. The Latham Kingston Pool is more than just a pool!

    Experience the power of our HydroFlow technology, delivering an exceptional water flow experience that enhances your swimming and relaxation to new heights. Enjoy crystal-clear waters with a dynamic current that will make you feel like you’re swimming in a natural oasis! You can even tailor your pool to your unique style and preferences with a wide range of customization options. Choose from a variety of premium finishes, lighting effects, and pool accessories that reflect your individuality.

      Experience the epitome of sophistication, strength, and serenity right in your backyard, elevate your lifestyle, and indulge in aquatic luxury with your loved ones like never before.

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Technical Specifications

  • Pool Type

    Fiberglass In Ground

  • Size

    16′ x 38′, Depth 3′-6″ to 5′-10″

  • Use

    Entertainment, Exercise, Family Time, Relaxation

  • Additional Options

    Automatic Pool Vacuum, Automatic Vacuums, Bubblers, Cascades, Chlorine Alternatives, Energy Savings Options, Heating, Lighting, Spillways, Streams, Tanning Ledge, Tile, Tile & Mosaics, Water Features

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  • Budget


  • Pool Shapes