Poolife Alkalinity Plus, 5lb

Keep your pool water balanced and healthy with Poolife Alkalinity Plus. This 5-pound jar of pH buffer helps regulate your pool's alkalinity, protecting it from dramatic pH shifts that can cause irritation or other problems.

    With the convenient 5lb container, you have the perfect amount of product to adjust the alkalinity of your pool water. The granular form dissolves quickly and evenly, allowing for fast and efficient distribution throughout your pool. With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll learn how to easily use Poolife Alkalinity Plus to maintain a safe swimming environment.

      Poolife Alkalinity Plus is formulated with high-quality ingredients that effectively increase and stabilize alkalinity, helping to maintain a harmonious environment for your pool. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your pool is protected against drastic changes while still being able to adjust the pH to get just the right setting. Keep your pool feeling great with Poolife Alkalinity Plus.

        With regular use, you can maintain optimal total alkalinity levels between 80-120 ppm, ensuring a comfortable and safe swimming environment for you and your family. With its easy-to-use formula, reliable performance, and compatibility with all pool types, this alkalinity increaser is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal pool water chemistry. Keep your pool water healthy and enjoyable with Poolife Alkalinity Plus.