Sirona Brominating Granular, 2lb

Keep your pool or hot tub safe and clear with Sirona Brominating Granular, 2lb! This chemical helps to maintain optimal bromine levels throughout the summer season. The granular formula is easy to measure and mix, and designed for maximum efficiency.

    These bromine granules are designed to be highly effective across a wide range of water temperatures. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor spa, hot tub, or pool, Sirona Brominating Granular ensures consistent sanitation and clarity, allowing you to relax and enjoy your aquatic oasis. The granules are compatible with bromine feeders or can be added directly to the water, providing versatility and flexibility in your sanitation routine.

      With Sirona Brominating Granular, you can trust that your pool or spa water is properly sanitized and safe for swimming. The convenient 2lb container provides ample supply to maintain optimal bromine levels in your water. Its sturdy and resealable design ensures that the granules remain fresh and effective between uses.

        Between reliable performance, ease of use, and a fast-dissolving formula, these bromine granules are the ideal choice for maintaining a clean and inviting water environment for any and all pool or spa owners. With Sirona Brominating Granular, you can stay worry-free while enjoying a healthy, clean swimming experience all season!