Sirona Chlorinating Granules

Get balanced water with Sirona Chlorinating Granules! This granular formula is designed to be added directly to hot tubs, spas, and pools for effective sanitizing. The granules continuously release chlorine into the water as needed, so your pool or spa remains clean and inviting all season long.

    Chlorine helps to reduce algae growth and eliminate bacteria and other contaminants that can cause cloudy water. With Sirona Chlorinating Granules, you can enjoy a healthy, clean spa experience with sparkling clear water. With Sirona Chlorinating Granules, you can trust that your pool water is properly sanitized and safe for swimming.

      With its powerful sanitizing properties, it effectively eliminates harmful contaminants, preventing the growth of algae and maintaining crystal clear water. The granules are designed to maintain optimal chlorine levels, typically between 1-3 parts per million (ppm), ensuring a comfortable and hygienic swimming experience. Sirona Chlorinating Granules are compatible with all pool types and can be used with chlorine-based sanitizing systems.

        With its convenient packaging, easy application, and reliable performance, this product is a must-have for every pool owner. Trust Sirona to deliver the quality and effectiveness you need for a worry-free swimming season!