Sirona Simply Metal Control, 16fl

Get the best (and most) out of your pool with the help of Sirona Simply Metal Control! This efficient, powerful, 16 fl oz supplement helps to control and prevent metal staining, maintaining sparkling clear water.

    Sirona Simply Metal Control is designed to keep your pool or spa free from metal stains. Its powerful formula forms a protective layer around metal ions, preventing them from precipitating and staining your surfaces. By sequestering these metals, it helps to maintain the pristine appearance of your pool or spa, ensuring a beautiful and inviting aquatic environment.

      Using Sirona Simply Metal Control is simple; just add the recommended dosage of the product directly to your pool or spa water, and let it circulate. The metal sequestrant will bind with the metal ions, preventing them from causing stains. It's compatible with all pool and spa types and can be used with other water treatment products.

        Sirona Simply Metal Control also helps to protect your pool or spa equipment. By reducing the presence of metals in the water, it minimizes the risk of corrosion and damage to your pumps, filters, and other components, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. You can rest assured that your pool is kept at the perfect condition with Sirona Simply Metal Control!