Universal H-Series Propane Gas 250,000 BTU

Experience ultimate pool and spa heating performance with the Universal H-Series Propane Gas 250,000 BTU pool heater.

    Ideal for large pools or spas, this high-quality model boasts a stainless steel heat exchanger, user-friendly LED control panel and intuitive digital display that allow you to easily adjust temperatures to meet your needs. Equipped with advanced technology, the Universal H-Series Heater offers precise temperature control and energy-saving features. The digital control panel allows for easy adjustments of the temperature settings, ensuring optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Also, its patented design provides efficient heating while consuming less energy than comparable models.

      The Universal H-Series Propane Gas Heater features an impressive 250,000 BTU output, making it ideal for heating large pools or spas quickly and efficiently. With its high heat output, you can maintain your desired water temperature and extend your swimming season. This high-capacity heater is designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience even in cooler weather.

        It includes built-in safety features such as a pressure switch and dual thermostat, which constantly monitor and maintain safe operating conditions. The heater is also equipped with a reliable combustion chamber for efficient and clean burning.

          Choose the Universal H-Series Propane Gas 250,000 BTU Heater and enjoy the benefits of powerful and efficient heating for your pool or spa. Enjoy worry-free warmth with the Universal H-Series Propane Gas 250,000 BTU pool heater!