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Pool Opening Steps for Memorial Day

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As easy as 1 2 3 …

With an incredible assortment of superior pool and spa chemicals the pool opening steps have never been easier.  Our customer service team is here to ensure you are ready for Memorial Day.

We’ve been the go-to pool shop in the Portland region for more than 40 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. The whole Poolife and Baquacil product lines are part of our premium line of pool water clarifies. Say good-bye to green and hazy water and welcome to a sparkling pool that’s ready to create a lifetime of memories with the help of these potent products.

Complimentary FREE Water Testing

You can count on our expert staff to test your pool and spa water year round as a complimentary service.  Water testing is where the journey of pool opening steps begin.  We suggest that you take a quick picture of the chemicals you already have and bring that with you as well, in an effort to only purchase the chemicals you need to restore your backyard oasis to sparkling clean and clear.

Easy, efficient pool maintenance

The inconvenience of pool upkeep is obvious, but Poolife®’s practical solutions—from sanitizers to balancers—are even more obvious. With our efficient products, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

Poolife® provides everything you need to make the most of the season, from the first jump to the last clean up.  Even opening pool after winter algae can be resolved easily with the help of our expert and time tested team.

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Pool Opening Steps with Poolife available at Classic Pool Spa and Hearth


Make sure your water is clear, suitable for swimming, and even contribute to the control of algae. Maintaining your pool’s aesthetics is simple.

Our premium selection of sanitized chlorinators makes it easier to maintain crystal-clear pool water and a manageable to-do list. All of the products, which are available as non-stabilized Cal Hypo pills and granules, stabilized trichlor-based tablets, and bromine tablets, dissolve quickly so you can resume swimming.

A material called a pool sanitizer aids in maintaining the purity and clarity of pool and spa water. It functions by eliminating or neutralizing potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants from the water. Following pool opening steps is easy with the premier products from Poolife,


Step by step pool opening chemicals include a good sanitizer

A material called a pool sanitizer aids in maintaining the purity and clarity of pool and spa water. It functions by eliminating or neutralizing potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants from the water.  Including a pool sanitizer is an important part of your summer pool opening steps.

Popular Pool Sanitizers and How they Work

Chlorine is the most widely used pool sanitizer. Chemical compounds, often chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine, are used to add chlorine to water. Chlorine reacts with the water in the pool when it is introduced, creating hypochlorous acid, a potent disinfectant. By destroying their cell walls and interfering with their biological functions, this hypochlorous acid eliminates dangerous germs, stopping them from proliferating and causing disease.

Additionally, chlorine aids in the oxidation of organic substances in the pool, including trash, sweat, and urine. This oxidation process maintains the water pure and pleasant by removing contaminants.

Bromine is another widely used pool sanitizer. While bromine and chlorine both function similarly, they are more stable at higher temperatures, making them better choices for hot tubs and spas.

Our Expert team can help you find the right products for your pool and your lifestyle

Some pool sanitizers may also use techniques other than chlorine or bromine to clean the water. For instance, some systems disinfect the water by using ozone or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In contrast to ozone, which is a highly reactive gas that oxidizes and eliminates pollutants, UV radiation can kill microbes by destroying their DNA.

Maintaining the ideal sanitizer balance in the pool’s water is crucial. Usually, test kits or strips that can measure sanitizer levels are used to measure this. You can make sure that the water is safe to swim in by frequently checking and adjusting the sanitizer levels.  Regular testing is an important part of any pool opening steps.

A pool sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine, functions by eradicating or neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and other impurities in the water. By decomposing germs and oxidizing pollutants, it aids in maintaining the pool or spa water’s cleanliness, clarity, and suitability for swimming.

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Poolife Clean Shock Treatment

Pool Shocks & Oxidizers

Destroy pollutants and germs to maintain the activity of your chlorine and your pool days. Shock the issues out of pool maintenance

For your pool water, shocks and oxidizers are a crucial problem-solver and excellent preventative medicine. In order to maintain clear, clean, and nutritious water, they eliminate organic impurities, reduce algae growth, and keep maintenance simple.  This is a vital period in your pool opening steps.

Are you prepared to transform your boring pool into a masterpiece?

The effective combination of pool shocks and oxidizers is all you need! These powerful warriors are here to fight off those bothersome impurities that dare to enter your pool, leaving you with crystal-clear water that is pure bliss for a relaxing plunge.

So what’s the key to their amazing cleaning abilities? Let’s start now!

Imagine your pool as a tranquil haven in the sun. However, unseen foes like germs, algae, and other terrible creatures are waiting to damage your aquatic paradise below the surface.

Knock Out the Source

With its superhero strength, this extraordinary sanitizer delivers a knockout blow to those microscopic troublemakers. How does it do it? By releasing a high dose of chlorine or other powerful disinfectants into your pool, it swiftly neutralizes any unwelcome intruders, leaving your water pristine and germ-free. Wave goodbye to those pesky bacteria and algae – they don’t stand a chance against the mighty pool shock!  Following these pool opening steps can help your oasis stay clean and clear longer.

However, that is not where the fight ends. the beautiful oxidizer comes into play! The oxidizer takes care of something equally important: eliminating the unattractive remains of organic stuff, while the pool shock concentrates on driving out the bad guys. Consider the trash that sneaks into your pool and ruins its clarity, such as sweat, oils, leaves, and other items.

The amazing capacity of the oxidizer to disintegrate and remove these contaminants is its hidden weapon. Your water will be sparkling and inviting when it performs its magic by igniting a strong reaction that obliterates organic molecules. Say good-bye to that murky, lifeless appearance; the oxidizer can quickly bring your pool back to its former splendor.  Follow the easy pool opening steps with our variety of chemicals offered at both East and West Portland Classic Pool Spa and Hearth locations.

Let’s now discuss the grand finale, which is the outcome of this dynamic duo’s valiant efforts. Imagine entering your pool deck and being met by water that sparkles like a diamond in the sunlight. It’s a call to jump in and encounter genuine happiness. You may feel the cooling embrace of clear, bacterial-free water that is as pure as paradise itself with every splash.

Pool Excellence Can Be Yours Easily With Premier Pool Chemicals

But keep in mind that keeping the ideal balance is essential. But don’t worry; testing tools and professionals are available to assist you in your search for the pinnacle of pool excellence. You can have the neighborhood’s most envied pool by keeping an eye on and adjusting the shock and oxidizer levels.

Are you prepared to unleash the power of the pool shocks and oxidizers, my dear pool enthusiasts? Get ready for an aquatic fantasy that will have you gasping for air. Say farewell to the days of mysterious obscurity and welcome to a sparkling oasis that is pure joy. Start the magic now!

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Inground Pool with clear clean water


Use following each weekly shock treatment to get rid of and stop unsightly algae buildup. Algae is boring. However, destroying it is.

Simply said, algae tarnishes your pool’s aesthetic appeal. It makes your pool’s water murky, discolored, and sometimes gives off foul odors. Poolife® comes to the aid! Explore our wide selection of algaecides to get rid of existing algae in your pool and stop future blooms. The majority of these products don’t foam, don’t need their pH adjusted before use, and start working in just 24 hours.

Algaecides: Unleash Their Power as Your Best Defense Against Spa and Pool Villains!

Are you sick of those cunning green trespassers occupying your spa and pool? Be at ease! The covert weapon you’ve been looking for is right here with us: algaecides! These powerful protectors are here to save your aquatic paradise, leaving you with water that is so crystal-clear and spotless that you’ll swear you’ve found a secret lagoon.

You may be wondering what an algaecide actually is.  Imagine a little army of algae waiting for the ideal occasion to transform your lovely pool or spa into a nasty swamp. Algaecides can help in this situation! These strong superheroes were created with the specific purpose of controlling and preventing algae growth in your aquatic realm.

How Algaecides Work to Clean Your Pool & Spa Water

How do they perform their magic, then? Really, it’s quite easy. Special compounds found in algaecides serve as algal assassins, seeking down and eliminating those troublesome plant-like creatures. They prevent the algae from growing and reproducing, ensuring that it has no chance of surviving in your aquatic paradise.

The best aspect, though, is that algaecides also act as a defense against potential attacks in addition to eliminating existing algae. Regularly adding algaecides to your pool or spa will build a wall of protection that will keep algae from taking root. Your water oasis will be like an impenetrable force field!

However, there’s still more! Algaecides are not merely used to get rid of green enemies. They are essential for maintaining the appealing clarity of your water. As you can see, algae may make your pool or spa hazy and unattractive. Say goodbye to murky water and welcome to a glittering paradise that beckons you for a refreshing swim by expelling these troublemakers using algaecides.

Now picture how wonderful it would be to jump into your pool or spa and be greeted with crystal-clear water that allowed you to see every glittering tile beneath your feet. It’s like entering a magical underwater realm where stress disappears and relaxation takes center stage.

But let me kindly remind you that keeping the right balance is essential to releasing the full potential of algaecides. But don’t worry; our team of professionals and reliable testing kits are here to help you every step of the way. Together, we’ll make sure that your pool or spa is always a serene haven of beauty.

So, pool and spa enthusiasts, are you prepared to seize the initiative and drive out the invasive algae? Accept the power of algaecides and observe as your aquatic kingdom changes into a glittering refuge. Say good-bye to your algae problems and hello to an aquatic paradise!


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By capturing the sun’s rays, this incredible marvel transforms them into glorious warmth that penetrates your pool water, keeping it luxuriously comfortable even on chilly days and extending your swimming season.

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Are you ready to make a splash this summer and create memories that will last a lifetime? We have a sizzling deal that will leave you jumping for joy! Stock up and save on pool and spa chemicals to ensure your aquatic paradise is in perfect shape for the sunny days ahead.

Picture this: vibrant blue waters that shimmer in the sunlight, inviting you to take a refreshing dip on those scorching summer afternoons. But to achieve this aquatic utopia, you need the right arsenal of pool and spa chemicals. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

By stocking up on these essential elixirs, you’ll be armed and ready to tackle any water challenge that comes your way. From keeping your water crystal clear to maintaining the perfect pH balance, our range of high-quality chemicals is the key to unlocking a summer filled with carefree swimming and relaxation.