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Backyard Swim Spas in the Portland Area

When considering buying a pool spa, you should think about the various expenses you will have and when they will occur.

Some swim spas may be more expensive initially, but you receive better craftsmanship that is less expensive to use and maintain. Budget swim spas first seem to promise a lower financial burden, but if subpar components and untrained labor are used, much more can go wrong.

Swim Spa FAQs

What is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is a tiny pool with a current created by water jets or propellers. You can experience swimming without a full-sized pool by swimming against the stream, which provides resistance. Options like treadmills and other resistance accessories can also be added to provide an outstanding zero-impact cardio workout for every skill and health level.

Some swim spas share many amenities with hot tubs. They can be positioned above ground, in-ground, or even inside. The options are endless, however, placement and installation should be considered when determining the budget for your swim spa.

Are Swim Spas Worth It

Is a Swim Spa Worth It?

The superb design guarantees our continuous current pool fits the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those wishing an alternative to a classic swimming pool for enjoyment and relaxation.

Our swim spas have been designed with the same fantastic features as the hot tubs we offer.

With little effort, the water in your spa remains clear and clean when you choose a high quality swim spa with superior filtration.

The swim spas we carry are long-lasting with high quality materials. Our swim spas are built to outlive the competition and offer industry-leading warranties. The hyper-efficient energy utilization keeps the cost of ownership lower than a traditional pool.

Can You Use a Swim Spa Year-Round?

Swim spas are available for year-round use. Swim spas can be installed both indoors and outside. It can be located above or below ground, beneath a deck, or in a portion of a garage. You can take it with you if you relocate. Also, upkeep is simple in comparison to traditional pools.

Classic Pool Spa and Hearth has built a reputation from 1979 as the premier Portland Pool and Spa store with services like free water testing.


Swim Spa in Winter

The price to own a swim spa will differ between brands and models. Swim spas vary much like vehicles do. Chemicals, power, upkeep, and potential repairs are some of the recurring expenses related to swim spa ownership.

A swim spa may be well worth the high cost for an exerciser who enjoys swimming, especially when you take into account that you may use a swim spa as a hot tub, a swimming pool, and an exercise facility all in one. A swim spa will often cost more than a hot tub but less than a pool of the same size.

A swim spa offers a current that may be changed. thus you may swim against the current while remaining still.

With many types, you can also turn off the electricity so you can soak at one end like you would in a hot tub. Alternatively, you can stop the flow of water and simply splash around or float on your back as you would in a pool.

Pool spas with subpar filtration systems will cost more in chemicals and take more time to prepare and maintain for seasonal changes. Also, energy expenses can add up over time, so selecting a model with an effective pump system might save you hundreds of dollars over time.

It goes without saying that less expensive spas employ less expensive components. Moreover, this extends beyond the shell. Manufacturers with a focus on the bottom line try to decrease costs in the propulsion system, pumps, and cabinet supporting the spa.

Sometimes smaller units are used in cheaper spas to make up for these cost reductions. Yet, this might have a detrimental effect on the swimming experience, which is why people buy swim spas in the first place. Moreover, stress cracks will eventually emerge in support cabinets built of flimsy materials and whose shells (sometimes referred to as the tub) are too thin, leading to expensive repairs and early failure.

Winter Time Swim Spa

Are Swim Spas Expensive to Maintain?

Like any other piece of machinery, a swim spa needs regular maintenance and periodic repairs in order to perform effectively.

Inadequate maintenance of your swim spa can lead to decreased water quality, filtration system issues, damage to the jets, and other issues.

Failure to maintain your pool spa may occasionally cause your warranty to expire.

If you observe any changes in water quality, such as cloudy water or water that smells foul, this is a warning that something is amiss and you should have your swim spa looked out.

Changes in the water may point to a filtration system issue or other problems, but they may also be a clue that your swim spa needs to be cleaned.  The team at Classic Pool Spa and Hearth provide the full array of maintenance and repair for pools and swim spas alike.

Swim Spa Financing is Available

Major purchases don’t have to wait with CLASSIC POOL AND SPA’s special financing*. Get what you want now and pay over time.
*Subject to credit approval.  Not all who apply will qualify for financing.