Pool Service

Even if you didn’t purchase your pool from us, we can help.

Pool Service

Even if you didn’t purchase your pool from us, we can help. As the premier Portland area Pool Service and Maintenance provider, Classic Pool Spa & Hearth is here to take the guesswork out of keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Finding someone to help care for your investment in backyard fun has never been more simple. Both our westside location in the Aloha Beaverton area and the eastside location in Clackamas are located to serve anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area easily and conveniently.

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Pool Service & Maintenance

Keep your pool clean and ready to entertain at a moment’s notice with our residential pool maintenance service packages. Each pool service plan includes all the maintenance and cleaning tasks listed below. The three different plan levels dictate the frequency you wish to have our team address your pool.

  • Water chemistry tested, analyzed, and recorded
  • Chemicals added as needed*
  • Clean pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash filter and monitor operations
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Tile cleaned as needed
  • Pool brushed as needed
  • Automatic cover cleaned
  • Pool surface skimmed
  • Cartridge filter cleaned, if applicable
  • Equipment room kept clean and neat

Monthly rates do not include maintenance or repairs of pool pumps. It also does not include other equipment related to electrical heating, plumbing, or repairs due to the dismantling of filters during the annual cleaning. Our team of professionals uses the best available manufacturer components, that often provide a warranty. Your satisfaction has been our top priority since 1979.

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Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Our team of pool and spa professionals provides repair, maintenance, and cleaning service in Oregon and Washington. Our Oregon Construction Contractors Board identification number is 60675. For Vancouver and our Washington State Contractors, License number is CLASSPS991N8.

*All chemicals will be delivered and charged at current service plan prices. We do not provide a grandfathered pricing structure. Regular scheduled non-contract repair and maintenance appointments are billed $169 per hour with a one-hour minimum. In the event we need to return to complete a job, you will not be charged the minimum twice.

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BiWeekly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service Plan – $360 per month

This plan provides two visits per month year-round.

Our team provides professional and timely appointments no matter which package you choose. This package is a good choice if you are unsure how much maintenance your backyard oasis requires.

Pool Vacuums

Some of our clients utilize either a manual or automatic swimming pool vacuum as a quick solution in between their bi-weekly service visits. There are a wide variety of pool vacuums available from almost every home goods vendor. Not all are created equal. Remember that when your pool is free of dirt and debris your water is more easily balanced with fewer chemicals. Manually vacuuming your own pool is fairly easy but can take anywhere from two to four hours for most.

Automatic Pool Vacuums are a great choice for those of us who don’t have an extra two hours to spare. Think of this like a Roomba for your pool. It provides a handsfree approach that crawls on the floor of your swimming pool to circulate water and clean. This helps to avoid build-up caused by stagnating water coupled with dirt and debris. For the best results, we recommend frequent use of your automatic pool vacuum. Other than set-up this option demands relatively little of your time. However, skimming your pool to remove any leaves or other debris and turning on your pool pump is also recommended prior to letting your automatic pool vacuum do its thing.

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Full Service – $450 per month

Choose this pool service plan and receive two (2) visits per month from October through April and one (1) visit per week from May through September.

Adding a pool to your backyard can add a lifetime of memories and enjoyment. Regular pool cleaning is a fundamental imperative for protecting your investment as well as making your memories as positive as possible. Safeguarding your pool with regular maintenance helps to prolong the life of your pool as well as avert bacterial growth that makes your pool look dirty. Trusting this task to a pool maintenance professional helps provide a stress-free experience for you and your family.

Classic Pool Spa and Hearth is a local, family-owned company that has been putting the fun in your backyard since 1979. We comprehensively train each member of our in-house pool and spa service team including ongoing education. No one is perfect but we believe that resolving issues as they arise coupled with a proactive approach to training provides a great customer experience. Our ample industry experience and capacity to adjust quickly provide you with reliable, consistent, quality pool cleaning.

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Deluxe Full Service - $525 per month -

This package includes one (1) visit per week year-round and includes pool open and pool closing services.

Pool opening and closing services included in this package provide a $768 value above other packages.

The best time to open your pool is most often May in the Portland and Vancouver area. If you wait for the temperature to reach 65 degrees and beyond many times algae and other unwanted things will begin to overtake your pool. Even when you do open your pool in March, you may need some help to take your pool from green to clean. It is often labor-intensive. Only after correcting your water level and verifying that your pumps are working properly the real work begins. Scrubbing your entire pool with a nylon bristle brush prior to adding any chemicals is much like sweeping. Scrubbing gets all the algae suspended in the water where your chemicals have the ability to kill it. Our team of professional pool cleaning experts are here so all you have to do is swim and enjoy your backyard oasis.

You asked and we answered. Both our east and west side locations hold a pool opening and pool closing event annually to cover the steps and answer any questions you may have when attempting to do it yourself. Contact us to register for the next upcoming pool opening or pool closing class. Our Deluxe Pool Cleaning service takes care of maintaining the chemistry of your pool throughout the entire swim season. We will keep your pool from turning green or looking cloudy. The last thing you want to do when the temperature begins to heat up is fuss with the chemicals and the scrubbing. Spreading out the expense of maintaining your pool is a smart decision that many of our clients choose year after year, and for good reason.

Keeping your pool water clean and balanced helps extend the life of your pool and keep your family and friends free of pollutants. Protecting both you and your investment is what our Pool Service Team has been doing for over 40 years.

Pool Cleaning Service in the Portland Area

As the premier and long-time family-owned independent pool and spa store, we have in-depth experience in sand filters, salt water chlorinators, and more. Pools, spas, and fireplaces are what we do. Portland-area pool and spa owners have been choosing Classic Pool Spa and Hearth since 1979. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction has branded us as the premier Service and Repair service for pools and spas in the Portland Metro area including Vancouver. With teams headquartered in Beaverton and Clackamas, we are conveniently located to service your pool.

Westside and Eastside Locations

We understand that there are a lot of pool maintenance and repair companies out there but we want to be the Service Center you choose today and for years to come. There is no need to buy more chemicals and fuss with skimming your pool. Choose one of our three packages above and enjoy a hassle-free pool with more relaxation and memories with your family.

Add a SPA to your monthly package for just an $40 per month more!

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Contract pricing is based on a
12-month agreement.

All pricing is subject to change without notice unless guaranteed in a signed maintenance contract. If unsatisfied, you may cancel your contract within 30 days. Termination of the contract after 30 days will incur a Cancellation Fee equivalent to three months of service.

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