Official Covana Hot Tub Cover Dealer

What if you could open the cover to your hot tub with only the flip of a key, never again battling with snow, ice, or other obstructions? By using Covana, you can give your spa one of the best insulating covers on the market and easily modify its accessibility in only 20 seconds.

Your happiness lies with the COVANA Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are only one component of Covana systems. Additionally, these are fully automated gazebos that provide you with the utmost comfort, security, and closeness. Our products, which are made in Canada from cutting-edge materials, are made to withstand the harshest conditions while saving you money on unnecessary water and heating costs as well as maintenance supplies.

Official Covana Hot Tub Cover Dealer

Covana’s weather sealing technology and high insulation value guarantee optimum heat retention, resulting in savings of water, energy, and maintenance supplies. The sleek, sophisticated, and worry-free Covana goods are made to last for many years.

Covana Hot Tub Cover Evolution Series


More comfort with less effort. With the turn of a key, your Covana cover may be lifted and lowered, requiring no handling.


You may enjoy your spa to the fullest during all four seasons thanks to the 2 IN 1 Covana, a novel device that combines the advantages of a gazebo or pergola and a hot tub cover.


The optional retractable shades provide a cozy sense of intimacy while providing weather protection.


Spa enjoyment made simple all year round with Covana products that offer covers for spas and swim spas. It can be elevated and lowered using the safety key switch and is fully automated. You are no longer required to struggle and wrestle with your hot tub cover. Plus, Covana’s weather sealing technology and high insulation value guarantee optimum heat retention, resulting in savings of water, energy, and maintenance supplies.

Covana Hot Tub Cover Industry Leading Energy Efficiency


You have the freedom to change how your outside space looks thanks to our innovative design. When they are closed, they won’t hinder your view of the garden; when they are open, they will enhance your backyard.


A watertight seal reduces water evaporation, conserving water, energy, and money on maintenance supplies. It is also the most effective cover on the market because to its insulation value, which exceeds industry standards.


The Covana products completely secures your hot tub, giving you complete control over who has access to the spa and giving you complete peace of mind.


The majority of hot tub brands and sizes are compatible with Covana products. Your convenience and ease of use is achieved with Covana and Classic Pool Spa and Hearth.

Covana Hot Tub Cover in Closed Position


Thanks to its aluminum frame, robust, seamless ABS thermoplastic roof, and highly effective fiber reinforced XPS core heat element, the Covana cover will last as long as the spa itself. Its strong, long-lasting construction provides protection from damaging ultraviolet rays as well as extreme heat and cold.


Covana offers you much more than a typical hot tub cover because it was developed out of a desire to make spa experiences easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible. Your Covana cover can be transformed into a contemporary, opulent gazebo or pergola in less than 30 seconds, offering you the warmth and intimacy you require while shielding you from inclement weather. The Covana systems make it easy for you to access your hot tub, so you never have to strain to lift a heavy cover or clear snow, ice, or other obstructions. Your automated cover, which is made to open and close with the turn of a key, may be securely locked, giving you control and peace of mind.