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Is Dream Maker the Spa Hot Tub for You?

The easy, cost-effective, and long-lasting way to have a peaceful spa holiday at home is with a DreamMaker Spa.

#1 Best Value by Trade Certified

DreamMaker Spas are the best value spa in the United States and will last for years to come. DreamMaker Spas are accessible at costs you can afford. Thanks to the smooth comfort technology learned from years in the business. Dream Maker provides high-quality, long-lasting construction at an entry level price.

Hot Tub and spa fun with Dream Maker

Experience the Affordable Luxury of Dream Maker Hot Tubs

The easy, inexpensive, and long-lasting way to enjoy a peaceful spa retreat close to home is with your own Dream Maker Spa. Hot tub setup and maintenance are simple.

Dream Maker Spas are made from a proprietary synthetic mixture that is environmentally friendly, yet durable. The qualities of polyethylene offer a desirable sheen and appearance of acrylic while providing reliable luxury.

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Simply select the model that best suits your area and way of life, and have it delivered right to your door. DreamMaker Spas are made to be easy to assemble and use, allowing you to spend more time relaxing in your spa and less time maintaining it.

All spas are constructed using the Dream Maker exclusive Syncrylic material, which combines the durability of polyethylene with the look of acrylic. The rotational molding process used to make DreamMaker Spas’ unibody construction results in a beautiful, long-lasting finish that is guaranteed not to split, peel, rot, or rust.

Dream Maker Hot Tub from Classic Pool Spa are made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA

Your energy bills will be kept to a minimum thanks to the outstanding energy efficiency of DreamMaker Spas’ superior insulation and heating systems.

By introducing rotationally molded production to the spa business in 2001, DreamMaker Spas has become one of the biggest producers of spas worldwide.

DreamMaker Spas is the only company that produces goods using our patented and exclusive SyncrylicTM material, making it a leader in the industry for innovation and technology.

No matter how much space you have for a hot tub or how much you decide to spend on the ideal union of health and enjoyment, our mission is to create outstanding goods that enable everyone to enjoy leisure, relaxation, and wellness.

Syncrylic Diamond Colors

Each spa is rotationally molded utilizing the exclusive SyncrylicTM material, which delivers a high-quality acrylic-like appearance and strong, long-lasting structural support. Dream Maker has worked with environmental experts to ensure their manufacturing impact is low. They have kept energy efficiency in mind as well. Thanks to state of the art insulation and technology, using your Dream Maker is more affordable than you may think.

Dream Maker Spa Comfort

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Dedicated to Your Positive Customer Experience

Classic Pool Span and Hearth is an official DreamMaker Spas that will be at your side every step of the way as soon as you begin your search for a hot tub. Whether you need assistance choosing the model that would best suit your needs, setting it up, or have technical problems, our trained staff is here to help.

Whether you email, call, or connect with us online; our professional support team of hot tub experts are available.

Dream Maker Spa Hot Tub from Classic Pool Spa

Quality Tested to Ensure Reliable Quality

The Dream Maker factory, is housed in the Innovation Center in Lake Mary, Florida. DreamMaker spas are created and put together in the USA. All items must adhere to their exacting quality control requirements, which are upheld by a knowledgeable team of engineers and specialists. Before each spa leaves the Dream Maker manufacturing, the water is put through a rigorous 24-hour water test.

Even though Dream Maker Spas are affordable they are still a substantial investment. Upgrading your backyard with a hot tub spa is an investment in your relaxation too.

Dream Maker Cabana Collections and Suites

Dream Maker Cabana Collection Spas & Suites

Do you want a wonderful getaway right in your own backyard? When you desire entertainment, the Cabana Collection from DreamMaker Spas instantly provides it. The attached ice bucket has everything you need to start and continue the party, and the optional integrated umbrella will keep you cool in the scorching summer sun. Each spa has plush seats for up to six people and is fully equipped with our proprietary hydrotherapy jets, LED lighting, and other features. With DreamMaker Spas’ Cabana Collection, you can start living your fantasy right away.

Stairs with planters, storage, a railing, and a cover lifter are included in the suites.

Cross Over Collection & Suites

Dream Maker Cross Over Hot Tub from Classic Pool Spa

Dream Maker Crossover Collection Spas & Suites

You could occasionally desire a bit of everything. The DreamMaker Spas Crossover Collection is the ideal approach to advance and have it all without going overboard.

LED lighting all around, dual-lit waterfalls and external corner lights will illuminate the night sky. With the touch of a button, indulge in amazing aromatherapy while up to 40 jets deliver the best massage possible, with luxurious seating for up to seven.

The Crossover Collection has anything you need to enjoy a romantic evening beneath the stars or a day of sunbathing. With a DreamMaker Spa, you can live your dream today!

Stairs with planters, storage, a railing, and a cover lifter are included in the suites.

Dream Maker Stonehenge Hot Tub from Classic Pool Spa

Dream Maker Stonehenge Collection Spas & Suites

All DreamMaker Spas come with a 1-year full warranty including parts and labor, plus a
5-year warranty on spa shell and structure. With stainless steel jets and the high-quality of workmanship choosing to upgrade your home with a Dream Maker spa is an easy choice.