American Whirlpool 270

With four corner massage seats, a footwell of eight jets, and a neck massage, the American Whirlpool 270 offers a unique massage experience from every location.

The acrylic on the American Whirlpool 270 is available in one of six colors:

  • Glacier Mountain
  • Silver Marble
  • Midnight Canyon
  • Storm Clouds
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Smokey Mountain
The skirt is also available in three colors:

  • Resort Gray
  • Modern Mocha
  • Pecan Ridge
  • The high-grade insulating covers from American Whirlpool® have a special copper lining, removable heat sealing pillows to release excess heat in the summer, and a customized fit to retain heat when it's cooler. The hot tub's lid serves as a crucial safety barrier.

    Therapy Needs

    Arthritis & Fibromyalgia,
    Back Pain,
    Better Sleep,
    Ease Sore Muscles,
    Feet Pain,
    Improve Range of Motion,
    Neck Pain,
    Shoulder Pain,
    Stress Relief



    Spa Style

    Non Lounger

    Seating Capacity

    6-7 People




    2 Pumps


    83" Long x 83" Wide x 36" Tall

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