American Whirlpool 470


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American Whirlpool 470 Powerful Relaxation

Introducing the American Whirlpool 470 Hot Tub, the epitome of relaxation for those seeking a perfect combination of comfort, style, and therapeutic benefits. This remarkable hot tub features a unique interior layout that comfortably accommodates six individuals while offering an unparalleled full-body immersion experience in the Zone Therapy seat. Ideal for lively outdoor gatherings or peaceful conversations with friends, the American Whirlpool 470 elevates your outdoor oasis to new heights.

Delve into the exceptional details of this luxurious hot tub. Imagine sinking into the ergonomic seating, meticulously designed to cradle your body with the utmost care. The American Whirlpool 470 prioritizes truly comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring everyone can relax and unwind in style. Say goodbye to awkward seating positions and cramped spaces – this hot tub has got you covered, providing an indulgent and rejuvenating spa experience at home

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Technical Specifications

  • Therapy Needs

    Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Better Sleep, Ease Sore Muscles, Feet Pain, Improve Range of Motion, Neck Pain, Sciatic, Shoulder Pain, Stress Relief

  • Voltage


  • Spa Style

    Non Lounger

  • Seating Capacity

    4-6 People

  • Jets


  • Pumps

    2 Pumps

  • Hot Tub Brand

    American Whirlpool

  • Budget


  • Dimensions

    87" Long x 87" Wide x 35" Tall

The American Whirlpool® 470 Hot Tub is the ultimate relaxation haven, offering a perfect blend of comfort, style, and therapeutic benefits. This remarkable hot tub features a unique interior layout that accommodates six individuals, providing an unparalleled full body immersion experience in the Zone Therapy seat. The 470 boasts advanced features such as strategically placed jets targeting key pressure points, a built-in LED lighting system for customizable ambiance, and a spacious interior perfect for entertaining. With its advanced filtration system, maintaining crystal clear water is a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying your well-deserved relaxation time. The stunning design, with sleek lines and modern aesthetics, seamlessly blends into any outdoor setting, becoming the centerpiece of your backyard oasis. The American Whirlpool® 470 Hot Tub surpasses all expectations, providing a haven for outdoor entertaining or a tranquil space for intimate conversations, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor retreat.

The American Whirlpool® 470 Hot Tub offers a range of therapeutic benefits, thanks to its innovative features such as the Comfort Collar™, Zone Therapy seat, and medically designed massage. The Comfort Collar™ is a neck massage therapy system with a unique cushion that supports your neck and targets often-neglected areas. The Zone Therapy seat provides full body immersion and proper posture, working in harmony with its respective jetting pattern for optimal comfort and superior jet performance. These features combine to deliver a range of health benefits, including stress relief, muscle relaxation, and improved sleep quality, making the American Whirlpool® 470 an ideal choice for those seeking a rejuvenating spa experience at home.


Blue MAAX insulation is an an eco-friendly insulation system made from recycled natural fiber and approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. Combined with 3M Thinsulate™ insulation, Blue MAAX is part of the Northern Exposure® Insulation System, a patented thermal barrier that recycles free heat energy for more efficient heating and lower energy costs.

Appliance Grade

The American Whirlpool® hot tubs offer appliance-grade benefits, ensuring high-quality, feature-rich, and affordable products for customers. These hot tubs boast revolutionary Blue MAAX insulation, an eco-friendly system that drives efficiencies in water and energy use, ultimately saving consumers time and money.

Lifetime Insulation Warranty

This warranty ensures that the insulation system in your American Whirlpool® hot tub maintains the same insulation value as it had at the time it was manufactured. The high R-value, Appliance Grade™ construction allows a technician to service the hot tub and bring it back to factory specifications right in your backyard for the lifetime you own it.

Medically Designed Massage

American Whirlpool® hot tubs incorporate Zone Therapy™, the world’s first medically designed jet massage system, providing a unique and effective massage experience. Each seat in an American Whirlpool® hot tub offers a different massage experience, targeting specific areas of your body and catering to your unique preferences.


Programmable Filter Cycles
Programmable Filter Cycles

Enhance your spa experience with American Whirlpool's programmable filter cycles. Schedule automatic cleaning sessions at your convenience, ensuring a consistently clean and hygienic oasis. 

Steel Substructure
Steel Substructure

Experience the highest level of durability and longevity with American Whirlpool hot tubs, the pioneers of the world's first steel frame Appliance Grade® design. Our hot tubs boast a steel frame that surpasses the strength of wood.

DuraMAAX Cabinetry
DuraMAAX Cabinetry

Experience the elegance of natural wood without the upkeep using DuraMAAX®, a state-of-the-art wood-alternative material. It offers the look and feel of real wood without maintenance, while being impact resistant, weatherproof, and impervious to insect damage.

Northern Exposure
Northern Exposure

Experience the ultimate in hot tub insulation with Northern Exposure® and Thermo-Lock technology. This patent-pending thermal barrier system recycles heat energy, ensuring more effective heating and reduced energy expenses with copper reflecting material.

ABS Bottom Pan
ABS Bottom Pan

Ensure a solid foundation and optimal insulation for your American Whirlpool hot tub with the ABS Sealed Base. This integral component serves as a sturdy support structure, featuring one-piece construction that forms a rugged foundation for your spa. 

Touchscreen Controls

The Whirlpool Smart Touch top side control panel revolutionizes your hot tub experience. With this cutting-edge feature, you have full control at your fingertips to adjust temperature settings, activate jets, and customize the massage intensity.

Foot Relief Zone
Foot Relief Zone

Experience ultimate relaxation that starts from the ground up with the ingenious Foot Relief Zone®. Designed to address the impact of sore and tired feet on our overall wellbeing, this remarkable feature targets both the upper and lower areas of your feet.

Comfort Collar
Comfort Collar

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the neck massage therapy system, a standout feature in our spas. Experience unparalleled comfort with the specially designed Comfort Collar, which is molded to gently support your neck and align your spine. 

Zone Therapy Seat

Elevate your spa experience with Physician-Designed Zone Therapy®. This innovative feature takes your massage therapy to the next level by incorporating strategically positioned jets that target specific pain trigger points within your body. 

Shiatsu Seat

Immerse yourself in the true essence of shiatsu-style relaxation with our specially designed seat. This seat features smaller, precise jets strategically positioned to apply targeted pressure on the tops of your shoulders and along the sides of your spine.

Dynamic LED Lighting
Dynamic LED Lighting

Transform your spa experience with the captivating ambiance created by the large LED light in the footwell of your American Whirlpool spa. This striking feature sets the mood for your entire spa experience, immersing you in a captivating world of soothing colors.

Factory Installed Ozone
Factory Installed Ozone

Experience ultimate in spa water purification with CleanZone™ and CleanZone II™. CleanZone™ utilizes advanced plasma cell UV lamp technology to generate ozone, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and parasites from your spa water.