American Whirlpool MB4

The PowerPool® American Whirlpool MB4 is a 14-foot swim spa that provides seating for up to nine people without interfering with the swim lane. MAAXForce™ swim jets and multiple exercise equipment options allow for a competitive water fitness experience, including recovery afterwards.

In a PowePool American Whirlpool MB4, benefit all year long from the advantages of outdoor swimming. The outdoor swimming season is short in many parts of the world, making it difficult and expensive to heat a traditional in-ground pool. You can swim and host visitors all year long with your new PowerPool without the trouble and expense of a swimming pool. Power Pool swim spas are manufactured with the same very effective Northern Exposure insulation technology as our hot tubs, so you'll never have to worry about winterizing your pool again. Your PowerPool will always be hot and ready to use thanks to the locking insulated lid.

  • SWIM… Since swimming is the ultimate zero-impact workout, doctors frequently recommend it to patients who wish to tone their bodies or get in shape. With its open floor plan architecture, PowerPools® utilizes two separate water propulsion technologies. For the best infinite current swimming experience, use the MAAX® Force swim system or a multi-jet deep stream for fitness. The perfect swim training facility for the whole family is provided by the observation chairs and well defined swim lanes.
  • TRAIN… In a PowerPool®, a range of aerobic activities are possible. Because deep water increases resistance and counteracts the effects of gravity, aqua jogging is a particularly excellent low-impact exercise. Warm water exercise is advised by fitness professionals to optimize weight loss. The aquatic workout equipment kit that includes cutting-edge resistance band technology is also available for your PowerPool. Attach the resistance bands to carry out a full-body toning routine.
  • RELAX. When you are finished working out, sit back and relax for a complete spa experience. Let the hydrotherapy jets massage those tight, sore muscles. A recent study shows a 10 minute massage improves muscle recovery after working out. Owning a swim spa allows you the convenience of enjoying it year-round on your schedule. Invite your friends or that special someone over to enjoy the soothing waters with you.

Therapy Needs

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia,
Better Sleep,
Ease Sore Muscles,
Improve Range of Motion,
Stress Relief



Spa Style

Swim Spa

Seating Capacity

8+ People

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