Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner

Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner is a powerful and effective solution designed to clean and maintain all types of pool filters. Baquacil Backwash Filter Cleaner is specially designed to penetrate deep into your filter's media, loosening and removing even the most stubborn dirt and debris.

    The Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner is a concentrated formula that effectively removes dirt, oil, and other contaminants that can build up in your pool filter. It helps to improve the efficiency of your filter and ensure that your pool water stays clean and clear. This easy-to-use cleaner is both safe and environmentally friendly, making it the perfect choice for many pool owners. The formula is free of harsh chemicals, ensuring that it won't damage your pool's equipment or harm the environment.

      Using Baquacil Backwash Filter Cleaner is simple with no hassle for the user. Just add the correct amount of cleaner to your pool's filter system and run the backwash cycle. The cleaner will then quickly and effectively remove any dirt and debris, restoring the filter's functionality and improving your pool's overall water quality.

        Investing in Baquacil Backwash Filter Cleaner is an excellent choice to keep your pool running smoothly and in its best shape. Its powerful formula and easy-to-use application make it an essential tool for any pool owner, ensuring that you can enjoy clean, clear, healthy water all season long!