Doughboy Pearl River

Innovation and Beauty

Beautifully crafted resin top rails.  The 8″ curved, extruded top-rail system with injection-molded top connectors gives the Pearl River a smooth finish.   Elegantly designed resin vertical supports. Large and beautiful 7″ extruded resin vertical Supports offer a dynamic design and assure maximum strength.

Doughboy Pearl River is available in a 52″ Sidewall.

Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System Superior engineering to maximize your pool. No other manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving features of the Com-Pac™ II.

Zinc Clad™ 11000 With Hot Dipped Galvanizing and numerous protective coatings for protection and corrosion resistance.

Rugged Resin Components Provide durability and longevity.

Liner Exclusives

The only above-ground pool manufacturer that produces virgin-vinyl liner material made to original Doughboy specifications. Increase pool depth up to 7 feet with an optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Are for underwater swimming only. A truly expandable liner, the liner will expand into the deep area that you create. You do not have to dig the deep area to a specific dimension.
Doughboy liner overlap, expandable up to 7', 25 mil available for 48", 52" and 54" sidewallDoughboy liner overlap up to 7', expandable, 20 mil available for 48", 52" and 54" sidewallDoughboy liner EZ-Clip flat bottom, 20 mil available for 48", 52" and 54" sidewall. Requires EZ-Clip receiver for installation.Doughboy liner flat bottom pools, 20 mil available for 48", 52" and 54" sidewall


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Technical Specifications

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    Resin Frame Above Ground

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