Hayward MaxFlo XL High Efficiency

The Hayward MaxFlo XL High Efficiency is a high-performance, long-lasting pool pump designed to provide exceptional water flow and energy efficiency. Its advanced design and powerful motor make it an ideal choice for any pool setting.

    The MaxFlo XL High Efficiency features a large capacity basket that can hold more debris than traditional pumps, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Its high-efficiency motor delivers up to 80% energy savings compared to single-speed pumps, making it one of the most energy-efficient pumps available.

      This pool pump also comes equipped with a permanent magnet motor, which provides a quieter operation and longer lifespan compared to traditional induction motors. Its hydraulic design delivers superior water flow, which means your pool will be clean and clear in less time. Quiet operation is another great feature of the MaxFlo XL High Efficiency pump. Its advanced design and soundproofing features minimize noise levels, creating a tranquil pool environment for you and your family to enjoy.

        The MaxFlo XL High Efficiency is easy to install and operate with a compact design, versatile configuration, and intuitive interface for simple programming and operation. Its digital display provides real-time energy consumption data, making it easy to monitor and adjust the pump's operation to maximize efficiency.

          Upgrade your pool circulation system with the Hayward MaxFlo XL High Efficiency pump and experience the ideal balance of power, efficiency, and reliability. Enjoy crystal-clear water, energy savings, and a quieter pool experience!