Latham Valencia

The mix of soft angles and curves accentuates the Latham Valencia freeform pool design, the entire family will think they moved to paradise. Dive into a world where where every splash is a moment of delight and memories with your loved ones!


Fiberglass pools are easier and faster to install

They are assembled off-site and can be installed in three to six weeks.  Concrete pools take three to six months to install and the work needs to be done In moderate weather, with ideal temperatures, and without rain or snow.

Fiberglass pools are easier and less costly to maintain

Fiberglass pools have a gel coat that resists algae growth; this makes keeping the pool clean easier and not as costly.  Vinyl liner pools need to have their liners replaced, usually between seven to eleven years, while concrete pools need to be acid-washed every few years and sometimes resurfaced.  None of these tasks will be necessary with a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools have non-abrasive surfaces

The gel coat of a fiberglass pool does more than resist algae growth-it makes it very smooth to the touch.  You won’t get scratches on your extremities or tear up your swimsuit the way you would in a concrete pool.

Fiberglass pools are better for saltwater systems

Saltwater pools are a growing trend that is great for customers and the environment.  But, while all saltwater pools must maintain proper water chemistry for effective sanitation and bather comfort, the systems are very hard on concrete surfaces and many concrete pool builders prohibit them.  Fiberglass is the material many sea-going boats and yachts are made with and fiberglass pools are completely saltwater friendly.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A Latham pool is built to last a lifetime-A lifetime of carefree ownership and peace of mind. A Latham pool comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the structure and surface of the pool.  By selecting a Latham pool you will automatically enjoy the benefits of having a well-established leader in the swimming pool industry behind you every step of the way.

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Technical Specifications

  • Pool Type

    Fiberglass In Ground

  • Use

    Entertainment, Exercise, Family Time, Relaxation

  • Size

    14′ – 6″ x 28′, Depth 3′ – 7″ to 5′ 10″

  • Additional Options

    Automatic Pool Vacuum, Automatic Vacuums, Bubblers, Cascades, Chlorine Alternatives, Energy Savings Options, Heating, Lighting, Spillways, Streams, Tanning Ledge, Tile, Tile & Mosaics, Water Features

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  • Budget


  • Pool Shapes