Poolife Alkalinity Plus, 25lb

Stock up and get the ultimate pool protection with Alkalinity Plus 25lb! This powerful pH buffer helps regulate and maintain your pool's alkalinity, protecting it from unexpected shifts in pH that can cause irritation or other problems. Ensure a balanced and comfortable swimming environment for yourself and your loved ones.

    This 25lb container of granular alkalinity increaser is specially formulated to boost the total alkalinity levels of your pool water, ensuring a balanced and comfortable swimming environment. Alkalinity is a critical component of pool water chemistry, as it helps to stabilize the pH level and prevent fluctuations. Low alkalinity can lead to acidic water, which can cause skin and eye irritation, corrosion of pool equipment, and decreased effectiveness of sanitizer.

      It helps prevent pH fluctuations, keeping your pool water within the optimal range, while also ensuring the comfort of swimmers and prolongs the lifespan of pool equipment and surfaces. Balanced alkalinity promotes the effectiveness of other pool chemicals, maximizing their performance and maintaining water clarity.

        With a larger-than-normal size, this product is perfect for those with larger pools needing more control. Enjoy having peace of mind knowing that your pool’s alkalinity levels are always within safe and healthy ranges. Keep your pool feeling wonderful with Alkalinity Plus 25lb.

          Add Poolife Alkalinity Plus to your pool's maintenance line up and take control of alkalinity levels. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of Poolife Alkalinity Plus to help you maintain optimal water chemistry and enjoy crystal clear water all season long.