Sirona Sodium Bromide

Get a supreme spa treatment with the help of Sirona Sodium Bromide! This concentrated solution is designed to be added to hot tubs, spas, and pools for maximum sanitation. Sodium bromide works by creating a protective layer on the surface of the water that helps to keep it sanitized and clear. It also helps to reduce chlorine demand while promoting healthy water balance.

    Just add the recommended amount of the product to your spa water, following the instructions provided. The sodium bromide will dissolve rapidly, creating a bromide reserve that can be activated by the addition of a suitable oxidizer or bromine tablets. Also, the convenient packaging of Sirona Sodium Bromide ensures easy handling and storage. Its secure closure prevents moisture or contaminants from entering the package, maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the product.

      When added to your spa water, the sodium bromide dissolves quickly, converting into bromide ions that act as a reserve for the production of bromine. This combination provides a reliable and long-lasting sanitizing solution. Invest in Sirona Sodium Bromide to establish a highly effective bromine-based sanitizing system in your spa or hot tub. You can ensure your pool or spa remains clean and inviting all season long!