Thermals Spas Classico

The Classico by Thermals Spas has the smallest footprint of any of the swim spas in the Leisure Collection. Don’t let the small foot print mislead you, this is a mini-pool that provides you with the perfect aquatic gym. It has a generous swim tank area that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. At 60″ deept the Classico by Thermals Spas is extra deep, which makes it perfect for water therapy excercises for necks and sholders.

Energy Efficiency in the Thermals Spas Classico

All Thermal Spas come equipped with full insulation to reduce heat loss through the cabinet and bottom of the hot tub. With all the outer cabinet walls and the bottom of the hot tub insulated the heat loss is rated at R-10. By using reflective silver insulation the heat is reflected back inwards; the wasted heat created by pumps and other components can be recycled. This heat is then used to help maintain the temperature through heat transfer via the vast amount of plumbing. What does this mean to you? Lower energy bills!

  • Starting At


  • Monthly Payment


9.99% APR until paid in full.

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Technical Specifications

  • Therapy Needs

    Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Better Sleep, Ease Sore Muscles, Exercise, Improve Range of Motion, Shoulder Pain, Stress Relief

  • Voltage


  • Spa Style

    Non Lounger, Swim Spa

  • Seating Capacity

    4-6 People

  • Jets


  • Pumps

    3 Pumps

  • Swim Spas Brand

    Thermals Spas

  • Budget


  • Dimensions

    177" Long x 90" Wide x 54" Tall