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Backyard swim spas are not only great for exercise but have many other benefits as well. They allow you to unwind after a long day, providing relaxation in your own backyard that can’t be matched anywhere else. You can lower stress levels by enjoying the warm waters of your swim spa with friends or family. The unique design of a swim spa also allows for effective resistance training, as well as cardiovascular exercise without any impact on your joints or ligaments. Furthermore, if you suffer from chronic pain or have difficulty sleeping due to conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, swimming can help reduce inflammation and offer relief from discomfort caused by those conditions.

Swim spas also provide an opportunity to socialize while making memories together in the comfort of your own backyard – something that can be hard to come by these days given our current circumstances. Not only that, but they are low maintenance compared to traditional pools since they require fewer chemicals and less energy consumption due to their smaller size and unique insulation technology which helps minimize evaporation loss (up to 50%!). And when it comes time to buy one you won’t have worry about breaking the bank either because Classic Pool Spa and Hearth offers financing options so that everyone can enjoy this luxurious experience thanks to Lyon Financial.

Backyard Swim Spa Model RF2 American Whirlpool

Upgrade Your Home with a Swim Spa on Sale Now!

If you’re looking for the ultimate home upgrade, look no further than the swim spas at Class Pool Spa and Hearth. With seating capacity for 8+ people and exclusive Northern Exposure technology to save energy, these steel substructures offer you more than just a simple pool. A swim spa offers no-impact exercise and the perfect way to relieve stress while improving your range of motion. It is even beneficial for those with Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, helping them get better sleep and ease their sore muscles. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider investing in a swim spa today!

Making the Most Out of Your Swim Spa

To truly make the most out of your investment in a swim spa it is important to find ways to maximize its use throughout all seasons – don’t let it sit idle during colder months! There are plenty of activities you can do year-round such as yoga classes (in person or virtually!), physical therapy sessions, water aerobics classes with friends or family members (even if they live far away thanks to video calling), hosting movie nights using waterproof projectors designed specifically for pools/spas etc… The possibilities are endless!

Swim Spa Hot Tub Combination

To truly make the most out of your investment in a swim spa it is important to find ways to maximize its use throughout all seasons – don’t let it sit idle during colder months! There are plenty of activities you can do year-round such as yoga classes (in person or virtually!), physical therapy sessions, water aerobics classes with friends or family members (even if they live far away thanks to video calling), hosting movie nights using waterproof projectors designed specifically for pools/spas etc… The possibilities are endless!

Swim spas are ideal for anyone who wants to get regular exercise without putting too much stress on their body. These amazing machines combine the benefits of swimming pools and hot tubs into one convenient package. Not only can you relax and relieve muscle soreness in your swim spa, but you can also use it to engage in no-impact aerobic workouts. This makes it perfect for those with arthritis or fibromyalgia who want to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise without putting too much strain on their bodies. Swim spas provide an unparalleled opportunity for relaxation, exercise, entertainment, socialization – all from within your own backyard! With incredible energy savings technology and financing options available through Class Pool Spa and Hearth there has never been a better time than now to invest in one of these luxurious amenities. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your home today with one of Class Pool Spa & Hearth’s on sale swim spas! Happy swimming!

Backyard Swim Spa from American Whirlpool

A 12-foot swim spa that fits in most backyards is the PowerPool® American Whirlpool RF2. A whole water fitness experience, including rehabilitation afterward, is made possible with PowerSwim jets and a variety of training equipment alternatives. Benefit all year long from the benefits of outdoor swimming in a PowePool® pool spa. The short outdoor swimming season in many regions of the world makes it challenging and expensive to heat a conventional in-ground pool. With your new PowerPool, you can swim all year long and entertain guests without the hassle and cost of a swimming pool. Since Power Pool swim spas are made using the same highly efficient Northern Exposure insulation technology as our hot tubs, you won’t ever have to worry about winterizing your pool. The locking insulated lid of your American Whirlpool RF2 ensures that it is always hot and ready for use.

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Is a Swim Spa Worth the Investment?

A backyard swim spa may provide all of these things if you’re looking for a new piece of training gear, a way to spend time with your family, or a backyard pool. A swim spa is an obvious choice because of its many features, but it’s necessary to also take its price into account. Is it wise to spend money on a pool spa? The answer is YES, as far as Classic Pool Spa and Hearth is concerned. Here are a few justifications for why buying a pool spa is a wise investment.

Spend Money on Quality Family Time by Getting a Swim Spa

It’s always worthwhile to spend quality time with your family! You can spend a lot of time splashing, laughing, and creating new memories with your loved ones in a backyard Swim Spa. Both children and adults enjoy using a swim spa for fun and relaxation. Together, you can improve swimming skills, play pool games, speak while relaxing on massage chairs, and so much more. Visiting a backyard swim spa with pals is another option. Even invite all of your friends to a pool spa party event.

It’s Worth It to Prioritize Your Health with a Swim Spa!

Using a backyard swim spa to invest in your personal health is unquestionably worthwhile. Improving your cardiovascular health, body strength, flexibility, core strength, and more with a Classic Pool Spa and Hearth is good for your body. Exercise in your swim spa is also quick and convenient. Get a great full-body workout without having to drive to the gym when you have a pool spa in your backyard. An excellent approach to invest in yourself is with a pool spa.  Doctors across Portland agree, swimming is the ultimate no-impact exercise.  Even in the Pacific Northwest, purchasing a swim spa results in an extended swimming season and more opportunities for you to exercise and have quality relaxation time.

Swim season can extend even longer thanks to American Whirlpool exclusive Northern Exposure excellent insulation.  Paired with a smaller size than typical pools, and high level of energy efficiency you may not even notice a difference in your power bill.   A swim spa can maintain its heat with less energy use, even in the Portland area and its chilly seasonal temperatures. Enjoy your pool spa and all of its advantages all year long, if you so desire.

Whole Body Wellness Benefits are Worth It

The advantages of a backyard swim spa extend to great wellness advantages. Experience a variety of benefits from the warm water used throughout, including reduced chronic pain, reduced tension, improved circulation, and more. Additionally, unwind in the spa chairs to enjoy the top-to-toe massage jets. Your physical and emotional well-being are an investment that are well worthwhile.

Get great quality and performance with an American Whirlpool Swim Spa. You may feel secure about your investment thanks to the warranty on the shell structure and the warranty on the engineering components. The investment in a swim spa is well worth it because of their stellar reputation in the market and fantastic warranty!

Contact our staff at Classic Pool Spa and Hearth to find out more about the advantages of hot tubs and backyard swim spas. Visit one of our east side or west side stores in the Portland region to view our swim spas on exhibit. You can even arrange a wet test to discover the advantages for yourself. You’ll realize that swimming is a worthwhile investment after only one session.

Planning for your Swim Spa Installation

Each backyard Swim Spa is entirely self-contained, making installation quick and simple. A GFCI electrical hook-up completed by a competent electrician, a solid, level surface that can support the weight of the portable swim spa filled with water (about 20,000 lbs. ), and a garden hose to fill it up are all that are needed. You may look forward to relaxing in your own backyard Swim Spa in less than a day.

Should a Backyard Swim Spa be in-ground or above ground?

Backyard Swim Spas can be built above ground, slightly sunken, or completely recessed and are intended for indoor or outdoor, year-round pleasure. When deciding where to put your swim spa, think about how you’ll use it and where it will be easiest for you and your family to utilize and enjoy.  Above-ground backyard pool spas are steadily rising to the top of the market as landscaping accents. These swim spas come in a variety of price ranges and levels. Your property may have that luxurious look and hours of family fun by adding a backyard pool spa for less money than you probably think.  A beautiful vision board of ideas can take hours and hours of rigorous study and photo scanning, and nobody likes to waste time. With your own backyard pool spa, you can transform your outdoor living space into a truly spectacular area.  Feel free to reach out to our award winning team for ideas, inspiration, and to answer any questions.

Is it possible to install a swim spa right on the grass?

Setting your swim spa straight on the lawn itself could be a terrific option if you have a lush green backyard. A swim spa’s finest feature is that it naturally fits anyplace. A bigger swim spa looks wonderful with a grass landscape design that is ideal for both a midnight and daytime swim. One of the nicest things about installing a swim spa on a lawn is that owners may surround the pool with flowers and other plants, creating a very beautiful swim spa installation.  Another exceptionally captivating swim spa installation concept is stone. Stone looks lovely wherever it is placed, but it particularly shines in your private area. Our experts strongly advise building a stone patio around your swim spa if you have the room to do so.

Do you prefer an elevated backyard swim spa?

A raised base swim spa is gorgeous and may be created in any way you choose. Your swimming pool experience will be much enhanced by this fantastic installation, which is simple to complete. It can be encircled with brick, rock, or wood paneling when we say it can be created to your heart’s desire. Additionally, the elevated base will help to maintain the integration of your swim spa with your outdoor living space. It may be fantastic for a fantastic pool party and, all things considered, make an amazing backyard feature.

Do I require a shelter for my pool spa in the backyard?

Having a cover over your swim spa offers a lot of advantages, but there are certain drawbacks that some spa owners don’t like.  Fortunately, our specialists have developed some suggestions to keep from encountering this issue. Try using an awning as opposed to a full-fledged shelter as one solution. Installing a ground-level patio with shade is an additional choice. The best of both worlds will be achieved thanks to this. There are several possibilities, so the best way to choose is to consider which complements your backyard renovations and overall backyard landscape design the most.  How can I make my pool spa in my backyard private?  Transform your pool spa into one of your home’s most private spaces. It will be the perfect spot to unwind after using the appropriate privacy strategies.  Plants or bushes that provide seclusion, as well as privacy screens, are the finest alternatives for a private area.  Bamboo, Laurel, Holly, and Arborvitae Trees are the top three plants for establishing secluded areas.  Shrubs can also serve as privacy screens, particularly if they are positioned in raised beds where they can create a taller wall of greenery. Additionally available are privacy screens. These can be boring fences or they might appear fake.

Whatever option you select, the key objective is to provide a private area for you and your family. Another excellent alternative is to design a calm, private spa pool that is tailored according to your preferences. Stone, wood, or bricks can be used to create the pool’s appearance. It may be kept intimate and tiny.  Place the swim spa within a modest structure, such as a summer home or a sizable shed, to create a private swim spa. A substantial hedge screen might accomplish the same result.

What type of upkeep is necessary for a pool spa in the backyard?

Similar to a typical hot tub, maintenance is frequently needed for upkeep. Your hot tub has to be kept in an accessible location so that maintenance can be done on it appropriately. When it comes to designing the charming space in your backyard, adding a pool spa cover that will only enhance your landscaping beauty is almost a no-brainer. Swim spas may be some of the nicest landscaping improvements to your backyard, in general. Plants and grasses may surround them, or they may be elevated on various levels and encircled by ash-colored bricks. Swim spas are sometimes much more preferable than ordinary pools, even if they may not generally outweigh them. The distinctions between them may be found here if you’re unsure which one to choose. In light of this, hot tubs and swim spas are frequently a bit of a toss-up. Your finest alternative is whatever look matches your backyard design concepts.