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The unique and opulent hot tubs and swim spas from American Whirlpool, a quality leader in hot water goods, may be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.We are excited to present the first steel-frame, appliance-grade hot tubs in the world, built to last a lifetime.  Because we have such faith in them, we offer an industry-leading guarantee and first-rate customer service.  We can’t wait for you to see and feel the American Whirlpool difference!

American Whirlpool hot tubs are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and comfortable hot tub experience. From their innovative design features to their superior craftsmanship and built-in safety features, American Whirlpool hot tubs deliver an unparalleled spa experience.

A Superb Hot Tub

Our commitment to fast innovation sets American Whirlpool apart from other hot tub producers.
The physician-designed Zone Therapy seating in American Whirlpool hot tubs gives you the most accurate massage, and our proprietary, high-performance Northern Exposure insulation system keeps the tub incredibly effective and leisurely quiet.
Our hot tubs are fully serviceable at home and guaranteed for the duration of your ownership because they are constructed to the same service and safety standards as other household appliances.

Dedicated to Quality Workmanship

American Whirlpool hot tubs are constructed with ingenuity in every aspect to last a lifetime.
An American Whirlpool hot tub can be helpful whether you’re trying to unwind after a long day or give your body the hydrotherapy massage it needs to heal after an injury, arthritis, or stress. We’re confident you’ll find the ideal model for comfort, alleviation, and performance among our many selections because they are designed to meet various therapeutic demands.

There’s a reason why so many homes select an American Whirlpool hot tub, and we cordially encourage you to bring one home right away.

Built to Last

American Whirlpool hot tubs feature top-of-the-line materials and construction that securely enclose all components. Their advanced filter systems guarantee efficient water circulation, providing maximum comfort and cleanliness no matter how often you use your hot tub. Plus, with adjustable jets, LED lights, audio sound systems, and even aromatherapy options available in most models, you can customize your own individualized spa experience.

American Whirlpool, a company known for its innovative and high-quality products, continues to produce hot tubs and swim spas that may be used for as long as the product lasts. It should come as no surprise that American Whirlpool is made by MAAX Spas, a market leader in high-end hot water products.

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In addition to superior design and engineering, American Whirlpool has a commitment to safety that sets them apart from other brands on the market. All American Whirlpool products have ETL certification — this ensures that each product meets all required safety standards for both building codes as well as UL and CUL listings for electrical components. With multi-layer insulation which helps keep energy costs low as well as other key safety features like GFCI protection built into the design, you can be sure that your hot tub is safe for use at all times.

American Whirlpool offers an impressive collection of classic models as well as modern designs in various sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor space — or wherever you’d like to install your personal oasis! Whether it’s a solo soak or a get together with friends or family, American Whirlpool provides superior quality and performance in both recreational and therapeutic applications so everyone can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy relaxation.

With features that both protect against potential hazards while also enhancing the overall user experience, along with their commitment to creating high quality products designed to last a lifetime—it’s no wonder why people choose American Whitepool when they’re searching for luxurious backyard leisure solutions.

Physican Designed Zone Therapy from Whirlpool

Physician Designed Zone Therapy

Your AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub can help with Physician developed Zone Therapy®, whether it’s reducing daily stress, treating a sports injury, massaging tight muscles, alleviating stiff and aching joints from arthritis, or simply assisting you in getting a good night’s sleep. In order to target particular pain zones that contain muscular trigger points, Zone Therapy® uses carefully placed jets. A massage may not always be more effective if there are more jets. In order to effectively relieve pain and stiffness across the entire body, it is crucial to precisely locate the right size jet and apply massage pressure where it is most beneficial. Medical experts in the disciplines of physical therapy and massage treatment created the Zone Therapy® idea.

American Whirlpool Comfort Collar

Whirlpool Comfort Collar

One of a hot tub’s most soothing features is the neck massage therapy system. Adjustable cyclone jets in the reverse-molded Comfort Collar support your neck and softly cradle your head while they massage your neck and shoulder muscles. Additionally, the Comfort Collar® enables a soothing massage above the water level, simulating a loved one massaging your neck. One of the main factors that have led many people to choose an AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub is this distinguishing feature.

Performance Seating

American Whirlpool® has the industry’s most comfortable hot tubs thanks to Performance Seating. For comfort and superior jet performance, each seat is made to offer full body immersion and optimal posture in accordance with its own jetting pattern. Built-in Comfort Collars® support your head while holding your body in an ergonomic position with side bolsters. Each seat’s dimensions and form are tailored to the curve of the spine to promote proper posture and lessen the strain on the lower back.

Your hot tub’s water maintenance is made simple with a thorough four-step cleaning system and dual sanitization. The entire over, drinking water is sanitized using the same process!

Perfect, crystal-clear water is deserving of perfect moments.

The unique characteristics of AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL’s entire 4-step cleaning and purifying system options make maintaining the water in your hot tub simple. Every step further cleans and clears your water, maintaining the appropriate operation of your spa.

We understand comfort at Classic Pool Spa and Hearth. AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL fits the bill on every level. Thanks to patented elements like the zero gravity Performance Seat TM and Zone Therapy®, we have been creating the most comfortable hot tubs in the world for more than 40 years. You can locate the perfect seat because they are specially designed to fit a range of sizes and shapes. Your hot tub has been scientifically built to balance ergonomic support, water pressure, jet position, and body buoyancy based on years of research and design across industries that produce goods to fit the human form. Ultimate comfort is provided by deep immersion seating, which also has armrests and Foot Relief Zones® that seem to conform to your body.

Crystal Clear Water with American Whirlpool

While significantly minimizing chemical upkeep, the CleanZone® water filtration system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal clear water. A cartridge oxidizer called CleanZone® produces oxygen while purifying the water in your hot tub.

The CleanZone® Ultra dual sanitization system employs ozone and UVC light, the same technologies that are used to treat drinking water in numerous towns all over the world. 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and parasites are eliminated with CleanZone® Ultra. This method is the ideal fusion of technology, cleanliness, and hygiene.


Northern Exposure® Insulation System

The radiant heat energy produced by the pumps is reflected back into the hot tub by this special three-layer thermal barrier technology. This makes sure that the hot tub’s energy production stays inside the hot tub.

With the use of proprietary thermal barrier technology, heating may be done more effectively while using less energy. Reflective copper material lines the hot tub’s four sides, as well as the floor and lid, allowing radiant heat energy produced by the pumps to be returned to the hot tub. The plumbing system absorbs heat, which helps to raise and maintain the water’s temperature. Finally, 3M ThinsulateTM Insulation, a remarkable substance used in winter apparel, is applied to the whole exterior of the hot tub. This three layer, pending patent technology makes sure that the hot tub’s energy stays in the hot tub.


The Northern Exposure® Insulation System features our eco-friendly BlueMAAX® insulation. Made from recycled natural fiber, it is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The insulation contains no chemical irritants, is treated with a borate based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and acts as a fire retardant. BlueMAAX® replaces the urethane foam in “foam filled” hot tubs. (Foam filling produces volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which are harmful to the environment.)

Super Duper Quiet

An AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub’s insulation contributes to both its energy efficiency and super quiet operation. The insulating sound barrier keeps sound within the hot tub where it is deadened. To provide a tranquil, pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire backyard, quiet operation is crucial.

Insulated Cover Shields the Weather

It is crucial to insulate and cover your hot tub. The premium-grade insulating covers from American Whirlpool have a special copper lining, detachable heat-sealing cushions to release extra heat in warm weather, and a customized fit to retain heat in colder weather.

The lightweight WeatherShieldTM cover material can endure extreme weather conditions. Strong stitches give greater sun and fade resistance and reduce tear-outs.

Limited Insulation Warranty

Your new AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL hot tub is guaranteed to have the same level of insulation as when it was first produced thanks to the insulation system. It will be possible for a specialist to service the complete hot tub and restore it to factory standards in your house thanks to the high R-value, Appliance Grade construction.

The Innovative Legacy of American Whirlpools

American Whirlpool, a company known for its innovative and high-quality products, continues to produce hot tubs and swim spas that may be used for as long as the product lasts. It should come as no surprise that American Whirlpool is made by MAAX Spas, a market leader in high-end hot water products.

Modern fiberglass and metal were founded in 1969, giving rise to MAAX®. MAAX® has always been dedicated to enduring quality, innovation, and a desire to satisfy customers. These principles helped us become a top producer of contemporary whirlpool systems.MAAX® has grown throughout the years by purchasing businesses like Coleman Spas, Savannah, Vita Spas, and Infiniti. A strong synergy between baths and hot tubs was created in 2017 when MAAX Spas and American Bath Group amalgamated.

Because it has remained faithful to its founding principles, MAAX® Spas has built a strong reputation. By providing the first Appliance Grade hot tubs in the world, MAAX® Spas is carrying on the tradition today. We refer to it as “Built to the MAAX.”

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